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Concrete Padstones

Concrete padstones play an important role in transferring and distributing structural loads in construction projects. As a leading supplier of quality building materials, MP Moran provides precast concrete padstones manufactured to deliver reliable structural performance.

The concrete padstones we supply can be used beneath columns, steel stanchions, and timber posts to evenly spread concentrated loads into the foundations below. This prevents excessive settlement and allows you to erect stable structures. 

Our padstones offer exceptional versatility, allowing for use in various construction scenarios. Browse our range today to find the padstone dimension you are looking for.

What concrete padstones do we sell online?

Our Stressline concrete padstones serve the crucial purpose of distributing heavy point loads evenly across block or brick walls. Crafted from wet cast concrete within steel pan moulds, they boast a smooth and polished finish that adds a refined touch to your projects.

The Stressline padstones we stock are available in various sizes to suit different loading conditions, including: 440x215x102mm, 440x140x215mm, 440x140x102mm, 300x140x102mm, 215x215x102mm, 215x140x102mm, and 215x140x215mm.

These concrete padstones are engineered to deliver impressive crushing strength, measuring at 40N/mm². This robust performance ensures their reliability in providing structural support and stability within your construction endeavours.

How to use concrete padstones in your project

 Concrete padstones play a vital role in construction, offering:

  • Load Distribution: They ensure even distribution of heavy point loads, safeguarding the structural integrity of block or brick walls.
  • Versatility: Their ability to be used in any orientation makes them adaptable to various construction applications.
  • Aesthetics: Crafted with a smooth finish, these padstones add a refined touch to your projects, enhancing their visual appeal.

Engineered with an impressive crushing strength, our concrete padstones provide dependable structural support and stability, making them a valuable addition to your builds.

Explore our range of concrete padstones at a nearby MP Moran branch

Online shopping may not align with everyone's preferences, and there are instances where physically inspecting a product becomes crucial to ensure it precisely meets your requirements. This is why we are pleased to offer branches across London and Hertfordshire, enabling our customers to browse our stock in person.

Find your nearest branch and our accommodating team will be readily available. Whether you require assistance in product selection or simply need guidance in the right direction, we're here to provide the support you need.

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