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Showing 16 out of 33 Products

Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates lend beauty, colour, and visual interest to any landscaping or construction project. We offer a wide selection of quality aggregates to enhance the aesthetics of your designs. Browse our range of polished marbles, natural stones, and gravels to find the perfect decorative accents for your project.

Whether you need a striking driveway aggregate, eye-catching enhancements for garden beds, or decorative stone for architectural features, our diverse catalogue can help.

What decorative aggregates do we sell online?

Our decorative aggregate selection includes a range of different aggregate materials from slate to marble. Take your pick from:

  • Marble: We supply various coloured marble aggregates, including our popular polar white variety in various chipping sizes and quantities. See also our polar ice variety and our flamingo range in bulk and 20kg bags
  • Slate: This premium grade product, sourced from quarries in the UK, is available in blue or plum
  • Limestone: The limestone aggregate we stock is in cotswold colour, and is available in both bulk and 20kg bags. 
  • Basalt and Marble: Our black Ice gravel chippings showcase a captivating mixture of black, grey, blue, and white stones, creating a visually striking appearance.

Why you should use decorative aggregates in your project

Decorative aggregates play a pivotal role in construction, offering an array of aesthetic and practical benefits. Use them when you want to enhance the visual appeal of your project, whether in a garden, along a pathway, down a driveway, or throughout some other architectural feature. Their versatility shines in landscaping, where they can be used to create stunning visual contrasts or harmonious colour schemes.

Explore our range of decorative aggregates at a nearby MP Moran branch

Online shopping may not align with everyone's preferences, and there are instances where physically inspecting a product becomes crucial to ensure it precisely meets your requirements. This is why we are pleased to offer branches across London and Hertfordshire, enabling our customers to browse our stock in person.

Find your nearest branch and our accommodating team will be readily available. Whether you require assistance in product selection or simply need guidance in the right direction, we're here to provide the support you need.

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