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MP Moran offers a diverse range of seeds suitable for various gardening needs. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or starting a new project, our seeds are sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring optimal growth and performance. 

With our seeds, you can expect consistent results, promoting a healthy and thriving garden. Explore our selection and find the right seeds for your space.

What seeds and growing supplies do we sell online?

MP Moran offers a range of seeds and growing supplies tailored to the needs of both amateur gardeners and professionals, including: 

  • Topsoil: A foundational growing medium, suitable for a variety of plants and lawn setups.

  • Enriched Topsoil: This topsoil variant is fortified with additional nutrients, ensuring your plants get a head-start, and promoting stronger and healthier growth.

  • Multipurpose Compost: A versatile compost solution, perfect for a broad range of planting requirements.

Shop for seeds and growing products online for delivery, click & collect at one of our stores, or give us a call at 01923 831 686.

Using seeds and growing supplies in your project

Seeds and growing supplies are fundamental to a range of gardening and landscaping projects, including:

  • Home Vegetable Garden: Starting from seeds, using enriched topsoil ensures a nutrient-rich environment for better yield.

  • New Lawn Establishment: Opt for grass seeds mixed with top-grade topsoil to promote faster germination and lush growth.

  • Container Gardening: For plants in pots or containers, multipurpose compost offers the right balance of nutrients and moisture retention.

Each project, while diverse, benefits from the foundational support that quality seeds and growing supplies provide.

Browse seeds and growing supplies at one of our local MP Moran branches

At MP Moran's local branches, you can explore our comprehensive range of products, from premium topsoil to versatile multipurpose compost, first-hand. Our staff are on hand to offer insights and answer any questions, ensuring you pick the ideal products for your gardening project.

By visiting our branches across London and Hertfordshire, you not only get to see and feel the quality of our offerings but also benefit from the expertise and guidance our team provides.

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