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Showing 16 out of 83 Products

Landscaping Accessories

At MP Moran, our selection of landscaping accessories has been curated to cater to both professionals and enthusiasts, ensuring every project has the finishing touches it needs. From essentials that ensure durability to those that add aesthetic appeal, we've got the tools and accessories to transform any outdoor space.

What landscaping accessories do we sell online?

Our online selection offers a curated range of landscaping accessories to cater to a range of outdoor projects. From decking brushes that ensure your surfaces remain pristine and slip-free, to cleaners and sanitisers tailored for thorough cleaning of various outdoor materials, we've got you covered.

For wooden installations showing signs of wear, our wood revives are perfect for bringing them back to life. Our robust wheelbarrows streamline the transport of materials across your garden or site. And as the evenings get cooler, our patio heaters promise to keep your outdoor space warm and inviting.

Our range also includes a catalogue of household names, such as:

Using landscaping accessories in your project

Landscaping accessories are versatile tools and enhancements that can be indispensable in various outdoor projects, including:

  • Deck Installations & Maintenance: When installing new decking or maintaining an existing one, decking brushes come into play to ensure clean, slip-resistant surfaces.

  • Woodwork Restorations: For old wooden fixtures or furniture showing signs of wear, wood revives can rejuvenate the surface, making it look fresh and new.

  • Large-scale Landscaping: Projects that involve moving large volumes of soil, plants, or other materials will benefit from wheelbarrows, making the transport process efficient and less strenuous.

Landscaping accessories play a pivotal role in ensuring projects not only achieve their aesthetic goals but also their functional purposes, promoting longevity and ease of maintenance.

Browse landscaping accessories at one of our local MP Moran branches

Exploring landscaping accessories online may not be suitable for everyone. This is precisely why we have strategically located branches across London and Hertfordshire for a tactile shopping experience. 

When you're ready, find the MP Moran branch closest to you and come see our range for yourself. Our knowledgeable team awaits, ready to assist, whether you're seeking product recommendations or you have a clear vision and just need some guidance.

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