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Acrow Props & Strongboys

Acrow props, essential tools in the construction world, are telescopic tubular steel pieces of equipment, used predominantly for shoring and supporting structures like walls and ceilings while alterations are made.

These props have been integral in ensuring the safety and efficiency of numerous construction projects around the world. Easily adjustable and capable of bearing substantial weight, Acrow props have made their mark as indispensable assets when stability and adaptability are paramount during renovations or building extensions.

What Acrow props do we sell online?

MP Moran, a trusted name in the construction supplies arena, is proud to offer a selection of high-quality Acrow props to cater to both professionals and home renovators. The range emphasises not only durability but also safety, ensuring that all projects have a firm foundation.

  • Acrow Props: Our selection primarily features acrow-branded props, known for their exceptional strength and reliability. Designed with heavy-duty steel, they can bear substantial weight, making them ideal for shoring walls, ceilings, and floors during renovations or building projects.
  • Strongboys: As an enhancement to Acrow props, Strongboys are indispensable when you require lateral support. These are specially designed to fit securely onto Acrow props, providing added safety and sturdiness. They play a crucial role in masonry support, especially when making door or window openings.

For those seeking dependable support solutions, MP Moran's collection of Acrow props ensures that your construction or renovation project stands on a firm base. Our dedicated team is always available to offer advice or answer queries, ensuring you pick the right product for your specific needs.

Why use Acrow props in your project

Acrow props are an integral component in construction and renovation, providing essential temporary support that ensures safety and stability. 

Here's why professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike prioritise them in their projects:

  • Safety: Acrow props are designed to provide robust and stable support, preventing unexpected collapses or movements, especially during structural alterations.

  • Versatility: Their telescopic design means they can be adjusted to suit a variety of heights, making them suitable for a range of tasks from supporting ceilings to shoring up walls.

  • Ease of Use: Lightweight yet durable, Acrow props are easy to transport, set up, and dismantle, ensuring swift progress on site.

  • Enhanced with Accessories: With attachments like Strongboys, Acrow props can provide lateral support, ideal for tasks such as creating window or door openings in masonry.

Incorporating Acrow props into your project ensures not just the integrity of the structure but also the safety of everyone involved. It's a decision anchored in prudence, efficiency, and professionalism.

Browse Strongboys & Acrow Props at one of our local MP Moran branches

If you prefer to browse our selection of Acrow props in person,  our branches in London and Hertfordshire are ready to offer you a tactile shopping experience. Just locate your nearest branch and pay us a visit.  

Our attentive staff is ready to assist, ensuring you get the right advice or product direction. Whether you're uncertain about the ideal Acrow prop or have a particular one in mind, our mission is to guide you to the perfect fit.

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