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    Tape, a seemingly simple yet incredibly versatile tool, is a staple in various sectors from construction and home improvement to arts and crafts. Serving numerous purposes, from sealing and binding to marking and decorating, its multifunctional nature makes it indispensable. 

    Whether it's the robust strength of duct tape, the precision of painter's tape, or the decorative flair of washi tape, there's a specific tape designed for every task. This guide introduces you to the world of tapes, emphasising their importance and the endless possibilities they offer.

    What tape do we sell online?

    MP Moran's online store boasts an extensive selection of tapes, designed to cater to a wide array of building and landscaping requirements. Each brand we stock is recognised for its quality and performance:

    • Walther Strong: Renowned for its resilience and adaptability, perfect for the toughest of jobs.
    • Armaflex: Specialty tapes that provide insulation and protection against moisture and other elements.
    • Everbuild: A trusted name in the industry, offering tapes that ensure durability and efficiency.
    • Gorilla: Known for its extreme holding power, ideal for tasks that require a robust adhesive bond.
    • ProDec: Offering a blend of quality and value, ProDec tapes are a favourite among professionals.
    • Rhino: Durable and long-lasting, Rhino tapes are crafted for superior performance.
    • Shurtape FrogTape®: Provides sharp paint lines and prevents paint bleed, ensuring precision in every application.
    • TracPipe®: Specially designed for sealing and securing, providing a foolproof solution for various tasks.
    • HIPPO: Tapes that are not only strong but also versatile, suited for a range of applications.

    Why use tape in your project

    Tape, often overlooked, plays a pivotal role in construction, DIY, and renovation projects.

    • Versatility: Various types cater to specific tasks, from masking to insulation.

    • Durability: Modern tapes resist environmental stresses, ensuring longevity.

    • Precision: Tapes like FrogTape® ensure sharp paint lines and a professional finish.

    • Safety: Electrical tapes protect wiring, while anti-slip variants prevent falls.

    • Adhesion & Sealing: Tapes form strong bonds and tight seals, vital in plumbing and HVAC.

    • Protection: They shield surfaces during renovations.

    In short, tape simplifies processes, ensuring quality and safety in various projects.

    Browse tapes at one of our local MP Moran branches

    Online shopping for tapes isn't always the preferred choice for everyone, and that's okay. Luckily, with our branches located throughout London and Hertfordshire, you can personally explore our diverse range. 

    Find your local MP Moran branch, where our knowledgeable team eagerly awaits to guide you, be it for product recommendations or to locate a specific tape you have in mind. We're committed to making your shopping experience seamless.

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