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Showing 16 out of 46 Products

Wood Fillers

Wood fillers are an essential product for any woodworking, decorating, or renovation project. They are specifically designed to fill holes, cracks, and imperfections in wooden surfaces, creating a smooth, even base for painting, staining, or varnishing.

Whether you're restoring antique furniture, repairing wooden flooring, or preparing woodwork for decoration, our selection includes fillers that are easy to apply, quick to dry, and provide a durable, long-lasting finish.

What wood filler do we sell online?

At MP Moran, we offer a diverse range of wood fillers, catering to various types of wood and repair needs.

Our extensive range of wood filler products includes:

  • Dryflex Resin: For very fast timber repairs and splicing. Ideal for the permanent repair of decayed and damaged wood.

  • Wood Filler: High-performance wood filler that lasts for years even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

When to use wood filler in your project

The right wood filler is crucial for effective and lasting wood repairs:

  • Restoring Damaged Wood: Use high-performance wood fillers for repairing significant damage in wooden surfaces.

  • Flexible Repairs: Opt for flexible resins like Dryflex for areas that require movement without cracking.

  • General Wood Repairs: Multi-purpose wood fillers are great for filling small cracks, holes, and imperfections.

  • Preparing Surfaces: Before painting or staining, use wood fillers to create a smooth, flawless surface.

  • Enhancing Durability: Adding a hardener to wood fillers ensures a stronger, more durable repair.

With MP Moran's selection of wood fillers, you can ensure that your woodwork is perfectly prepared and restored, leading to a more professional finish in your projects.

Browse product at one of our local MP Moran branches

Explore our extensive range of wood fillers online or visit your nearest MP Moran branch. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect wood fillers for your project, ensuring the best solutions for your wood repair and preparation needs. 

At MP Moran, we are committed to providing high-quality wood fillers, helping you to achieve professional and durable results in all your woodworking and decorating projects.

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