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Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals are a vital part of the preparation and finishing stages of decorating and tiling projects. They ensure that surfaces are properly cleaned and prepared before painting or tiling and help in the effective removal of residues and stains after the work is completed. 

Whether you need to remove stubborn paint, clean up spills, or prepare a surface for the next stage of your project, our selection includes everything from general-purpose cleaners to specialised solutions.

What cleaning chemicals do we sell online?

At MP Moran, we offer a comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals, each formulated to tackle different cleaning challenges.

Our extensive range of cleaning chemicals includes:

  • Algae Remover: Algae Remover is a professional strength product that kills and controls algae, mould and lichen.

  • Brush Cleaner & Thinner: A high-quality solvent-based brush cleaner and thinner that can effectively clean and thin a wide range of paint rollers, brushes and painting utensils.

  • Black Spot Remover: A high-performance cleaner formulated to remove Lichen (Black and White Spot) and Algae which regular paving cleaners cannot deal with.

  • Patio & Deck Cleaner: Professional grade ready-to-use product that is a fast and effective way of removing heavy build-up of the most stubborn dirt and grime from paving, driveways, and decking.

  • Sugar Soap: Known for its brilliant degreasing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for surface preparation.

  • Porcelain Cleaner: A high-performance cleaner for all types of porcelain tiles, pavers, marble, granite and terracotta.

Using cleaning chemicals in your project

The right cleaning chemical is crucial for effective preparation and finishing:

  • Surface Preparation: Use sugar soap and other general cleaners to thoroughly clean surfaces before starting your project.

  • Removing Old Finishes: Paint and varnish removers are essential for stripping away old layers, revealing a clean surface ready for a new application.

  • Tool Maintenance: Keep your brushes and other tools in top condition with brush cleaners and restorers.

  • Specialised Cleaning: For challenging stains or specific cleaning needs, choose a cleaner formulated for that particular task.

With MP Moran's selection of cleaning chemicals, you can ensure that your surfaces are perfectly prepared and your workspace is kept clean and tidy, leading to a more professional finish in your decorating and tiling projects.

Browse cleaning chemicals at one of our local MP Moran branches

Explore our extensive range of cleaning chemicals online or visit your nearest MP Moran branch. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect cleaning solutions for your project, ensuring the best preparation and finishing for your surfaces. 

At MP Moran, we are committed to providing high-quality cleaning products, helping you to achieve outstanding results in all your decorating and tiling projects.

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