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Masking Tapes

Masking tapes are an essential component in the preparation phase of decorating and tiling projects. They play a crucial role in ensuring clean, sharp lines and protecting surfaces from unintended paint splatters or adhesive marks.

Whether you need a low-tack option for delicate surfaces or a more robust tape for general use, our selection caters to every need, ensuring precision and protection in your work.

What masking tapes do we sell online?

At MP Moran, we offer a wide variety of masking tapes, each designed to meet specific requirements of different surfaces and conditions.

Our extensive range of masking tape products includes:

  • Masking Tape: General purpose masking tape giving excellent results. Gives clean crisp paint lines, avoids paint on windows when painting window frames, etc.

  • Masking Tape Low Tack: Specially designed for use on delicate surfaces. Can be left for up to 14 days without causing damage or paint bleed.

Including a range of leading brands, including:

Why use masking tape in your project?

The right masking tape can significantly enhance the quality of your work:

  • Delicate Surfaces: Use low tack tapes for surfaces that are prone to damage or where paint is still curing.

  • Sharp Paint Lines: Precision edge tapes are ideal for achieving clean, sharp lines without paint bleed.

  • General Purpose: Standard masking tapes are suitable for a wide range of surfaces and provide good adhesion and easy removal.

  • Long-Term Projects: Long-life tapes are designed to withstand longer periods, making them suitable for projects that take several days.

With MP Moran's selection of masking tapes, you can ensure that your decorating or tiling project is well-prepared, leading to a more professional and clean finish.

Browse masking tapes at one of our local MP Moran branches

Explore our extensive range of masking tapes online or visit your nearest MP Moran branch. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect masking tape for your project, ensuring the best protection and precision for your surfaces. 

At MP Moran, we are committed to providing high-quality masking tapes, helping you to achieve outstanding results in all your decorating and tiling projects.

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