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Lining Paper

Lining paper is an essential product for wallpapering, providing a smooth and even base for the final wallpaper application. It is beneficial for covering imperfections on walls and creating a uniform surface.

Whether you're preparing walls for intricate wallpaper designs or looking for a base to paint over, our lining paper range ensures a perfect foundation for your wall-covering projects.

What lining paper do we sell online?

At MP Moran, we offer a selection of high-quality lining papers, suitable for various decorating needs.

Our lining paper products include:

Why use lining paper in your project?

Lining paper is crucial for a successful wallpapering project for a range of reasons:

  • Improved Wall Condition: Select a heavier grade lining paper for walls with more significant imperfections to achieve a smoother finish.

  • Providing Foundation: Some lining papers are suitable for painting, providing a cost-effective way to refresh a room.

  • Ease of Application: Lighter grades are generally easier to handle and apply, suitable for DIY projects.

With MP Moran's selection of lining papers, you can ensure that your wallpapering project starts with the best possible base, leading to a more professional and long-lasting finish.

Browse lining paper at one of our local MP Moran branches

Explore our extensive range of lining papers online or visit your nearest MP Moran branch. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect lining paper for your project, ensuring the best foundation for your wallpaper. 

At MP Moran, we are committed to providing high-quality lining paper solutions, helping you to achieve outstanding results in all your wallpapering projects.

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