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Coving is a decorative element that adds a touch of elegance and refinement to any interior space. It is used to create a smooth transition between wall and ceiling, hiding imperfections and adding character to the room's overall design.

What coving supplies do we sell online?

At MP Moran, our selection of coving products from top brands ensures quality and style for every interior design need.

  • British Gypsum: Renowned for its quality and ease of installation, British Gypsum offers coving solutions that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing, suitable for a variety of interior styles.

  • GETC: GETC provides a range of coving products that are known for their versatility and superior finish, enhancing the look of any room with their sleek and modern designs.

  • Siniat: Siniat's coving options are designed for both functionality and style, offering excellent durability and a flawless finish that complements any interior décor.

Using coving in your project

Incorporating coving into your project can significantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your interiors.

  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Coving adds a decorative touch to rooms, seamlessly blending walls with ceilings and providing a sophisticated finish.

  • Conceal Joints and Imperfections: It is ideal for hiding the joint between walls and ceilings and masking any imperfections in these areas.

  • Add Character to Rooms: Coving can transform a plain space into one with character and elegance, making it an essential element in interior design.

With MP Moran's range of coving products from British Gypsum, GETC, and Siniat, you can achieve the perfect blend of functionality and style in your interior spaces.

Browse coving at one of our local MP Moran branches

Explore our wide array of coving offerings, available both online and at our locations throughout London and Hertfordshire. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in navigating our selection, ensuring you find the perfect coving to enhance your space's aesthetic. 

No matter the scale of your project, from minor refurbishments to major building ventures, MP Moran delivers the skill and premium products necessary to realise your design aspirations with sophistication and flair.

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