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Showing 16 out of 38 Products

MP Moran presents an extensive collection of outdoor lighting solutions, designed to meet the diverse needs of enhancing exterior spaces. Whether it's for residential landscapes, commercial properties, or public areas, our selection from top brands ensures durability, energy efficiency, and style. Our outdoor lighting range is perfect for creating ambience, improving security, and illuminating pathways and architectural features.

What outdoor lighting do we sell online?

Our selection features a variety of outdoor lighting products, including:

  • Adjustable Spotlight: Perfect for focusing light on specific features or areas, offering flexibility in your outdoor lighting design.
  • Box Lantern: A classic design that adds a timeless charm to any exterior space, providing ambient lighting with a decorative touch.
  • Dual Mount Spotlight With Spike: Versatile and easy to install, these spotlights can be mounted or placed into the ground, ideal for highlighting landscaping or architectural details.
  • Floodlight with Sensor: Automatically illuminates upon detecting motion, perfect for security and convenience in outdoor settings.
  • LED Slimline Floodlight: Offers a sleek and modern design, providing bright and efficient lighting for outdoor areas.
  • Wall Lantern: A classic lighting option that adds elegance and warmth to any outdoor entrance or pathway.

When to use outdoor lighting in your project?

Selecting the right outdoor lighting is essential for achieving your desired results:

  • Landscape and Garden Illumination: Create inviting and serene environments with ambient lighting from our range, enhancing the beauty of gardens and outdoor leisure areas.
  • Security and Safety Lighting: Choose from our selection of floodlights and security spotlights to deter trespassers and ensure safe passage in dark areas around residential and commercial properties.

  • Pathway and Driveway Lighting: Ensure clear visibility and a welcoming atmosphere for visitors with our classic lanterns and solar LED wall lights, providing safe navigation through outdoor spaces.

Whether you're aiming to craft striking landscape designs, boost the functionality of commercial spaces, or enhance the safety of communal areas, our selection of outdoor lighting solutions from top brands delivers the excellence, efficiency, and aesthetic required to fulfil your lighting goals.

Browse outdoor lighting at one of our local MP Moran branches

Embark on your next outdoor project with MP Moran and discover the impact of quality outdoor lighting. Browse our extensive range of outdoor lighting products online and place your order with confidence, or visit us in-store for first-hand advice. 

Committed to providing top-quality lighting solutions, MP Moran ensures your outdoor spaces are beautifully lit, energy-efficient, and secure.

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