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Showing 16 out of 27 Products

MP Moran provides a comprehensive selection of outdoor switches and sockets, designed to meet the rigorous demands of exterior environments. Whether for residential gardens, commercial exteriors, or industrial settings, our range ensures reliability, durability, and safety. Sourced from leading brands known for their quality and innovation, our outdoor switches and sockets are perfect for powering outdoor lighting, equipment, and appliances with ease and confidence.

What outdoor switches & sockets do we sell online?

Our curated selection includes a variety of outdoor electrical solutions:

  • Junction Box: Essential for safely connecting wiring outdoors, these are available in various sizes and materials to suit any project.
  • Photocell Switch Wall Mountable: Automatically controls outdoor lighting based on daylight, ensuring lights are only on when needed for efficiency and convenience.
  • Smart Outdoor Socket: Integrates with home automation systems for remote control of outdoor devices, combining modern convenience with outdoor durability.

When to use outdoor switches & sockets in your project?

Choosing the right outdoor switches and sockets is crucial for various project needs, enhancing functionality, safety, and convenience in outdoor spaces:

  • Automating Security Lighting: Sensor-equipped floodlights and photocell switches provide efficient, automated lighting solutions for enhanced security around exterior areas.
  • Equipping Outdoor Workspaces: Durable switches and sockets offer reliable power for tools and equipment in workshops, garages, or any outdoor work area.
  • Integrating Smart Home Technology: Upgrade outdoor areas with smart sockets for easy control over lighting and devices, ideal for contemporary, tech-forward homes.

Choosing suitable outdoor switches and sockets for your projects not only secures and simplifies outdoor electrical installations but also elevates the design and usability of exterior spaces.

Browse outdoor switches & sockets at one of our local MP Moran branches

Embark on your next outdoor project with MP Moran and explore the benefits of premium outdoor switches and sockets. Browse our wide selection of leading brands online, place your order with confidence, or visit us in-store for tailored advice and support from our team. 

Committed to offering the best outdoor electrical solutions, MP Moran ensures your outdoor areas are not only well-equipped but also safe and functional. Start powering your outdoor spaces with us today.

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