MP Moran are committed to minimising our impact on the environment.  In order to do this we are constantly re –evaluating every aspect of our business, from sourcing environmentally friendly products to ensuring our transport fleet has every necessary feature to minimise its environmental presence.


  • Wherever possible we use local suppliers in order to minimise the carbon footprint of our supply chain, along with having full knowledge of its origin

  • We work diligently to ensure the maximum number of sustainably sourced products are available at MP Moran & Sons

  • The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimate that 34% of waste leaving construction sites is packaging. Working with BiffPack, MP Moran & Sons undertakes significant measures to reduce and recycle packaging in accordance with government guidelines.


MP Moran & Sons are concerned that timber products should be available for the future generations, and their use should have a minimum impact upon the environment.

As such the company is thoroughly committed to purchasing and providing our customers with timber products that have where possible, been sourced from a sustainably managed forest. Working with the designated suppliers we have undertaken to join the FSC and PEFC chain of custody programmes to guarantee this sustainability commitment to our customers.

We have put in place systems which will maintain this commitment and have trained key staff to manage these procedures and understand the importance of the company commitment to sustainably manage forestry.

As a company we endeavour to educate our customers about the benefits of utilising timber in construction wherever possible. Timber is renewable, non- toxic, recyclable and sustainable, meaning there is no other building material that matches its environmental credentials. We currently recycle and reuse 90% of our unsold timber.


We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure we commit to lowering our carbon footprint as much as possible. For example, by researching fuel efficient driving on the VCA (vehicle certification agency) website, we have made effective changes that can make a significant difference, such as keeping to a speed limit of 50mph, which can improve fuel economy by 25%.

By simply checking and adjusting our tyre pressures before each journey also helps reduce fuel consumption. Our main effort to reduce our carbon emissions is by purchasing new energy efficient vehicles, and installing new technology that can monitor our co2 usage, by doing this from 2016-2017 our fleet was more than 11.4% more fuel efficient and we were able to reduce our CO₂ output per kilometre.



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Waste Management

  • All paper waste is collected and then recycled in the most appropriate and effective manner

  • We have an onsite Eco Baler, which we use for all cardboard materials which reduces waste cost dramatically

  • The environmental performance of all our departments are monitored regularly to ensure the correct level of compliance within both legal standards and also our own company procedures

MP Moran will continue to promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, minimise environmental pollution in all its own activities and through it's influence over others, whenever possible.

We will review all of our policies, programmes and services and endeavour wherever necessary to improve environmental standards to the benefit of the community as a whole.

We will always work toward maximising our procedures with regard to reducing, reusing and recycling our waste.

Code of Conduct

MP Moran recognises that we should endeavor to ensure that we have a positive impact on the working conditions of those working directly or indirectly for our business and also minimize any negative impact we, or our suppliers, might have on the planet. You can download a copy of our Code of conduct here.