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Threaded Rods

At MP Moran, we provide an extensive and specialised selection of threaded rods, crafted to meet the rigorous demands of construction, plumbing, and manufacturing sectors. These rods are engineered for superior strength, durability, and versatility, ensuring they perform exceptionally well across various applications. 

Ideal for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts, our threaded rods are carefully chosen to ensure they deliver reliable performance under various operational conditions, making them indispensable in projects that require robust and long-lasting fastening solutions.

What threaded rods do we sell online?

Our range of threaded rods includes various materials and sizes:

  • Metric Studding Threaded Rod: Metric coarse thread rod, colour coded to indicate diameter.

  • Metric Studding Threaded Rod Connector: Long hexagon nut studding connectors for joining lengths of studding or continuous threaded rod. Also known as connection nuts.

  • Threaded Stud: Used in virtually any construction fastening application. For fastening wood, steel and other types of construction materials.

When to use threaded rods in your project?

Threaded rods are indispensable components across various industries due to their versatility and strength.

  • Construction: They serve as crucial elements for structural supports and are widely used as anchor bolts that firmly attach structural elements to concrete.

  • Plumbing: Threaded rods are fundamental in securing fixtures and stabilising piping systems to prevent leaks and ensure long-term reliability.

  • Electrical Installations: They function as hangers for cable trays and conduits, organising and protecting electrical wires.

  • General Maintenance: Threaded rods are essential for stabilising and adjusting machinery or furniture, providing necessary adjustments for alignment and stability.

Understanding the diverse applications of threaded rods can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your projects, ensuring that all installations are robust, reliable, and meet professional standards.

Browse threaded rods at one of our local MP Moran branches

For all your threaded rod needs, turn to MP Moran for a selection that emphasises quality, efficiency, and reliability. Visit us online or at your local branch to explore our extensive range, where you'll find the perfect threaded rods for your specific needs. Our commitment to providing top-quality products and services ensures your projects are equipped with the best fastening solutions, supported by expert advice and exceptional customer care.

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