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As a leading Builders & Plumbers Merchants, MP Moran is one of the leading providers of anchor products.

An anchor is a type of fixing used where nails, screws, adhesives and other variations of fasteners are ineffective when attaching one object to another. Ceiling anchors are more effective when fastening overhead applications as they are purposely made to fit, hold and fasten overhead applications. We offer 2 sizes of Timco ceiling anchors that are sold in packs of 100. The zinc ceiling anchors come in sizes M6x40mm and M6x65mm. The Timco ceiling anchor is ideal for attaching sheet metal, plastic or wood to masonry or concrete, demonstrating these ceiling anchors are useful when working with highly durable materials. The Timco ceiling anchor is described as a rapid light duty hammer-set anchor, made from steel, making it suitable to fasten overhead applications. The large diameter flange heads allow these overhead attachments to be firmly secured. They are used for suspending ceiling hangers, perforated strap and clamping rings. The Timco ceiling anchors allow fast and easy installation and they are a non flammable type of fixing.

Shop for anchor products online for delivery, click & collect at one of our stores, or give us a call on 0843 600 5566. If you are not able to find anything on our website, pop into one of our branches and our sales staff should be able to Special Order it in for you, or give us a call on 0843 600 5566.

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