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Panel Pins

MP Moran offers a diverse range of pins, crucial for fine woodworking, crafting, and detailed interior work. Our selection of pins is carefully chosen to ensure precision, reliability, and suitability for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts.

Whether for delicate joinery, securing upholstery, or crafting intricate models, our pins deliver the performance and quality necessary for precise and subtle fastening tasks.

What product do we sell online?

Our online selection includes pins tailored for specific fine work needs:

  • Panel Pins: Ideal for lightweight trim and moulding, providing a nearly invisible finish.

Our range of panel pins is available in a range of sizes and finishes, including Bright, ElectroGalvanised, Sherardised, and Tropicalised.

When to use panel pins in your project?

Pins are essential in various precision tasks across crafting, furniture making, and woodworking. These small yet vital components ensure detailed and secure connections without compromising the integrity of the materials.

  • Furniture Making: Panel and dowel pins are crucial for assembling intricate furniture designs, ensuring pieces fit together seamlessly and hold firmly.
  • Craft Projects: Tack pins are perfect for securing fabrics and decorative items, providing a strong hold while preserving the aesthetic of the materials.
  • Fine Woodworking: Panel pins are indispensable for affixing delicate trims and mouldings, ensuring they attach smoothly without causing wood splits.

Incorporating the right types of pins into your projects can make a significant difference in the outcome, enhancing both the functionality and appearance of your creations.

Browse panel pins at one of our local MP Moran branches

Turn to MP Moran for a comprehensive selection of panel pins that emphasise quality, precision, and reliability. Visit us online or at your local branch to explore our extensive range of pins, where you'll find the ideal products to meet your specific requirements. Our commitment to providing top-quality products and services ensures your projects are detailed and refined, backed by expert advice and customer support.

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