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Showing 16 out of 46 Products

Decking & Flooring Screws

At MP Moran, we offer an expertly curated range of decking and flooring screws, designed specifically for robust and secure installations. These screws are optimised for maximum performance across both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring long-lasting durability and superior resistance to the elements. Whether you're working on residential decking or commercial flooring, our screws provide the reliability and strength needed for your projects.

What decking & flooring screws do we sell online?

Our selection at MP Moran includes a variety of specialised screws for diverse decking and flooring needs:

  • Composite Decking Screws: Specifically designed to fasten composite decking materials, ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing finish.

  • Decking Screw Tub: Available in bulk, these screws are perfect for large projects, offering ease of use and durability for decking installations.

  • Double Countersunk Screw: These screws are ideal for applications requiring a flush finish, reducing the risk of snagging.

  • Exterior Wood Screws: A comprehensive range catering to outdoor wooden constructions, featuring enhanced weather resistance.

  • Pro Hex Head Screws: Offering robust performance for heavy-duty applications, these screws are designed for both professional and demanding DIY tasks.

Explore our extensive range of decking and flooring screws to find the perfect solution for your specific project requirements.

When to use decking & flooring screws in your project?

Decking and flooring screws are specifically designed for:

  • Decking Projects: Use decking screws for constructing decks, ensuring secure attachment and long-lasting durability against the elements.

  • Flooring Installations: Opt for flooring screws when laying down floorboards as they provide a secure fit and reduce the likelihood of squeaks or movement.

  • Outdoor Constructions: Exterior wood screws are ideal for outdoor projects, offering enhanced resistance to corrosion and weather conditions.

Selecting the right type of screw for your decking or flooring project ensures optimal results and longevity of your installation.

Browse decking & flooring at one of our local MP Moran branches

For your next decking or flooring project, choose MP Moran for high-quality screws designed to ensure durability and precision. Whether you are upgrading your outdoor deck or installing new flooring, our decking and flooring screws provide the reliability your project needs. Visit us online or stop by a local MP Moran branch to discover our extensive selection of decking and flooring screws. Find the ideal screws for your specific requirements and ensure your construction is built to last.

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