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Mirror Screws

At MP Moran, we have a catalogue of mirror screws designed to provide secure and aesthetically pleasing installations for mirrors and other decorative fixtures. These screws are crafted to ensure not only the durability required for holding mirrors in place but also the finish that complements your decor. Whether you're mounting mirrors in residential bathrooms, dressing rooms, or commercial spaces, our mirror screws offer the reliability and style you need for a flawless setup.

What mirror screws do we sell online?

At MP Moran, our online selection of mirror screws includes a variety of options designed for securely mounting mirrors with a clean and decorative finish.

  • Fastpak Mirror Screw Flat Chrome: traditional machine screws with an internal thread at the top of the head, so that you can wind a mirror cap into the top of the screw after it has been inserted, to hide the screw.

  • Fastpak Mirror Screw Dome Chrome: traditional machine screws with a countersunk slotted head drive with a threaded hole to enable the included cover caps.

When to use mirror screws in your project?

Mirror screws are ideal for securely mounting mirrors in various settings:

  • Bathroom Installations: Ensuring mirrors are firmly attached in humid environments.

  • Decorative Purposes: Perfect for hanging decorative panels or artwork that requires a flush finish with the wall.

  • Furniture Assembly: Use them in constructing or refurbishing pieces that incorporate mirrors, such as wardrobe doors.

Their specialised design provides both functional support and a clean aesthetic, making them suitable for professional and home decor applications.

Browse mirror screws at one of our local MP Moran branches

For a secure and elegant solution to your mirror installation needs, explore MP Moran's selection of mirror screws. Perfect for adding a stylish touch to your decor while ensuring durability, our screws come in various sizes and finishes to perfectly match your project requirements. Visit MP Moran online or at your local branch to find the ideal mirror screws for your setting, and achieve a professional finish with ease. Check out our range today and take the first step towards enhancing your space.

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