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Screw Cups & Caps

At MP Moran, we provide a select range of screw cups and caps that are expertly crafted to enhance the aesthetic of your projects and offer additional protection to screw heads. These essential components are perfect for giving a clean, finished look while shielding the screws from environmental factors. Suitable for use in various applications including woodworking, metalwork, and decorative tasks, our screw cups and caps help ensure your installations remain both stylish and functional.

What screw cups & caps do we sell online?

At MP Moran, our online selection includes a variety of screw cups and caps designed for different preferences and applications:

Explore our range to find the perfect finishing touches for your projects, ensuring both protection and polished aesthetics.

When to use screw cups & caps in your project?

Screw cups and caps are ideal for enhancing the finish and protecting fasteners in various projects:

  • Furniture Assembly: Use caps to cover exposed screws for a neater appearance.

  • Outdoor Fixtures: Protect screw heads from weather elements with durable caps.

  • Decorative Applications: Choose stylish chrome or coloured caps to complement interior designs.

  • General Construction: Ensure a clean, professional look on visible screw joints.

These components not only improve the aesthetic of your installations but also increase the longevity of the screws used.

Browse screw cups & caps at one of our local MP Moran branches

For a wide selection of screw cups and caps that provide both aesthetic appeal and protection, visit one of our local MP Moran branches. Explore our diverse range to find the perfect finishing touches for your projects, ensuring your installations are polished and protected. Head to your nearest MP Moran branch or visit us online to discover our full lineup of screw cups and caps, tailored to meet the needs of any construction or DIY endeavour.

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