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MP Moran provides advanced solutions in the form of injection fixings, offering high-strength and versatile options suitable for heavy-duty applications in construction and repair work. These injection fixings are ideal for creating strong bonds in various materials, including concrete and masonry.

What polyester resin do we sell online?

We offer two main types of injection fixings:

  • Rawlplug R-KER-II Hybrid Resin 300ml: This hybrid resin is known for its high load capacity and is especially effective in scenarios where the anchor does not generate expansion forces. This property allows for reduced spacing and edge distances, making it suitable for use even in low temperatures.

  • Rawlplug R-KEM-II Styrene Free Polyester Resin 300ml: This polyester resin is styrene-free and is designed for multiple uses. A partly used product can be reused by fitting a new nozzle, and it's easy to dose thanks to a patented self-opening system.

  • High Performance Polyester Resin Tube: Suitable for the application of railings, grills, metal and wood carpentry, pipe connections, fixing of hinges within wood and more.

When to use polyester resin in your project

Injection fixings are a versatile and robust solution for various structural and non-structural applications in the construction industry. Here’s how you can effectively utilise these products in your projects:

  • Attaching Structural Steel: Perfect for securing beams and plates to concrete structures, providing the necessary load-bearing support.

  • Installing Heavy Machinery: Injection fixings can anchor heavy machinery to concrete floors, ensuring stability and reducing vibration.

  • Reinforcing Concrete: Often used in retrofitting and strengthening projects, injection fixings help in adding new elements to existing concrete structures.

  • Fixing Facades and Architectural Components: Secure facades, stone cladding, or marble panels to buildings without visible fixings, maintaining aesthetic integrity.

When planning to use injection fixings, it’s crucial to consider the load requirements, environmental conditions, and the specific properties of the base material.

Browse polyester resin at one of our local MP Moran branches

For high-performance results in your construction projects, consider using MP Moran’s range of injection fixings. These products are engineered to provide durable, reliable results in a variety of building materials and conditions. Browse our selection online or visit your local branch to find the ideal solution for your needs, whether you are reinforcing existing structures or constructing new ones.

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