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MP Moran offers a diverse range of miscellaneous specialist fixings, like hose clips and timber connectors, designed for a variety of applications, ensuring that you can find the perfect solution for every unique construction need. These fixings include options for both common and specialised tasks, providing flexibility and reliability in your projects.

What miscellaneous specialist fixings do we sell online?

Our selection includes:

  • All Round Galvanised Bands: This versatile, medium-duty fixing band is easy to cut and bend, with pre-punched holes for attaching bolts and screws. It's made from galvanised steel for protection against corrosion and is suitable for a variety of securing tasks.
  • Jubilee Protected Hose Clip Zinc: Crafted from mild steel with a zinc protective coating, this hose clip is designed to secure joins between flexible rubber hoses and metal tubes. It adheres to BS5315 standards, ensuring reliability and safety in its applications.

  • Herringbone Galvanised Strut: Used to give lateral support between timber floor joists and helps prevent joists' twisting.

  • Expamet Multi-Starter Wallstarter: Wallstarters are specifically designed to securely connect a new masonry (brick or block) wall to an existing wall or structure.

Why use specialist fixings in your project?

These fixings are designed to offer solutions for various non-standard construction scenarios:

  • Securing and Fastening: Use the All Round Band for securing pipes, lumber, or ductwork within construction projects. Its flexibility and strength make it ideal for both temporary and permanent installations.

  • Plumbing and Hoses: The Jubilee Hose Clip is specifically designed for creating tight seals on hose connections, preventing leaks and ensuring a stable connection in plumbing systems.

These high-quality products provide the reliability and performance necessary for specialised tasks, ensuring your installations are secure and durable.

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Explore the full range of miscellaneous specialist fixings at MP Moran for enhancing your construction, plumbing, or DIY projects. Visit our online selection or your local branch to find the ideal fixings for your needs. Whether you are dealing with routine tasks or facing unique construction challenges, our miscellaneous specialist fixings offer the practical solutions required to get the job done right.

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