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At MP Moran, we provide an extensive selection of picture fixings designed to meet the diverse needs of both professional decorators and home enthusiasts alike. Our range includes high-quality options tailored for securely and aesthetically mounting artwork, photographs, and mirrors on various surfaces. Whether you are looking to enhance the decor of a residential living space, a gallery, or a commercial setting, our picture fixings ensure that your decorative items are displayed safely and elegantly.

What picture fixings do we sell online?

Our online assortment includes robust and versatile products designed for aesthetic and durable hanging solutions:

  • Fastpak Value Pack Picture Wire Brass 3.5mtr: This brass picture wire is perfect for hanging frames or mirrors, especially suitable for use with picture rails where the wire is visible, ensuring both functionality and style.

Using picture fixings in your project

Properly hanging artwork and mirrors not only enhance room aesthetics but also ensure the safety and stability of the displayed items.

  • Art Displays: Utilise the picture wire for an elegant look that complements your art, ideal for galleries or home displays.
  • Mirror Installations: Use the chrome picture plates for a secure and stable mount, perfect for larger and heavier mirrors.

When using picture fixings, selecting the right type based on the weight and size of the item to be hung is crucial. Ensuring proper installation can prevent damage to your walls and the items being displayed.

Browse picture fixings at one of our local MP Moran branches

Visit MP Moran, online or in your local branch, to browse our selection of picture fixings, suitable for a variety of decorative purposes. Whether you are redecorating your home, setting up an exhibition, or ensuring the safety of wall-mounted decor, our products provide the reliability you need. For more information and to purchase, explore our picture fixings on our website.

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