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Showing 16 out of 19 Products

MP Moran offers a wide variety of door stops designed to protect walls and furniture from door-related damage while enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of door setups in any environment. Whether for residential use or high-traffic commercial areas, our door stops combine durability with style, ensuring that doors open smoothly without impacting other surfaces.

What door stops do we sell online?

Our robust selection caters to multiple mounting and style preferences:

  • Door Stop: A simple yet effective solution for any door, designed to prevent door handles from hitting and damaging walls.

  • Door Stop Floor Mounted Buffer: Ideal for heavy-use areas, this floor-mounted model provides a buffer that absorbs shocks, protecting both the door and the wall.

  • Door Stop Wall Mounted: Perfect for when floor space is limited, this door stop prevents doors from opening too widely and causing damage.

  • Door Stop Wall Mounted Projection On Plate: Extends from the wall to stop the door at a specific distance, preserving both the wall's finish and the door's hardware from impact.

How to use door stops in your project

Installing the right type of door stop is crucial for protecting architectural and interior design investments. They are designed not only to prevent damage but also to enhance the usability of spaces by controlling door movements.

  • Residential Applications: In homes, use door stops to protect delicate wallpaper or decorations from being damaged by door handles.

  • Commercial Use: In busy environments such as schools or offices, robust door stops like floor-mounted buffers are essential for maintaining the integrity of frequently used doors.

  • Aesthetic Integration: Choose a door stop that complements the door hardware and room decor to maintain a cohesive look while ensuring functionality.

Choosing the correct door stop not only prevents damage but also contributes to the space’s safety and design.

Browse door stops at one of our local MP Moran branches

Check out MP Moran to discover our extensive range of door stops, designed to offer durability, style, and practicality. Whether you are looking to prevent damage in a residential project or need a reliable solution for a high-traffic commercial area, our door stops provide the necessary protection. Browse our selection online, or visit your local branch, to find the perfect door stops for your project, and benefit from our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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