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Showing 16 out of 22 Products

MP Moran provides a comprehensive range of escutcheons, crafted to enhance both the security and aesthetic appeal of door setups in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. These escutcheons act as protective covers for keyholes and locking mechanisms, blending functionality with decorative detail to complement any door hardware.

What escutcheon do we sell online?

Our online selection includes a variety of designs tailored for specific needs and preferences:

  • Escutcheon: A standard model that fits most door keyholes, offering a clean and simple appearance.

  • Escutcheon Covered Keyhole: Ideal for outdoor use or in higher security areas, this model features a cover that swivels or slides over the keyhole to protect it from tampering and weather conditions.

  • Escutcheon Open Keyhole: Typically used indoors, this design provides easy access to the keyhole while still surrounding it with a decorative and protective plate.

Using escutcheon in your project

These pieces not only safeguard your locking mechanisms from debris and damage but also add a polished look to the door’s appearance.

  • Enhancing Home Security: Use covered escutcheons to provide extra protection against lock picking and external wear, particularly suitable for exterior doors.

  • Commercial Building Security: Employ robust escutcheons in commercial settings to support security systems and complement the architectural style.

  • Decorative Touch: Choose open keyhole escutcheons for interior doors to add elegance and continuity in design across your property.

When selecting escutcheons, it's essential to match them with the lock type, door style, and intended security level. 

Browse escutcheons at one of our local MP Moran branches

Check out MP Moran for a diverse selection of escutcheons designed to meet various security and stylistic needs. Whether updating a single door or undertaking a comprehensive building renovation, our escutcheons provide the perfect combination of durability, style, and security. Browse our extensive range online or visit your local branch to find the ideal escutcheons for your doors, supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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