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Showing 16 out of 132 Products

MP Moran features a comprehensive collection of handles, thumbturns, and indicators, meticulously designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of doors in both residential and commercial settings. Our range includes various styles and finishes to suit any architectural style or security requirement, ensuring ease of use and installation.

What product do we sell online?

Our selection is diverse and includes:

  • Door Handles: Available in a variety of designs such as lever handles on rose or plate, and pull handles, crafted to complement any decor.

  • Thumbturns: Essential for privacy functions in bathrooms or secure areas, offering convenience and security.

  • Passage Internal Door Pack: This is a complete door handle pack that is designed for use on internal doors. 

Using handles, thumbturns & indicators in your project

Handles, thumbturns, and indicators not only serve practical purposes but also contribute to the interior design theme.

  • Residential and Commercial Entrances: Enhance main entryways with stylish yet durable door handles that make a statement while ensuring security.

  • Privacy Settings: Install thumbturns in private spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms to allow easy locking and unlocking from the inside.

  • Public Facilities: Use door indicators in commercial bathrooms and changing areas to clearly show availability and ensure privacy.

Selecting the right hardware involves understanding the specific needs of the environment, such as the level of privacy required, the frequency of use, and the desired aesthetic.

Browse handles, thumbturns & indicators at one of our local MP Moran branches

Visit MP Moran for a wide range of handles, thumbturns, and indicators that combine quality craftsmanship with aesthetic diversity. Whether you are updating a single room or an entire building, our products offer the solutions you need to enhance door functionality and room accessibility. Browse our extensive selection online, or visit your nearest branch, to find the ideal options for your project, supported by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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