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Showing 16 out of 127 Products

Gas Fittings

Gas fittings are a crucial component in any plumbing system, ensuring the safe and efficient transport of gas to appliances and heating systems. MP Moran offers a comprehensive range of gas fittings, catering to various installation requirements and specifications, ensuring safety and reliability in both residential and commercial settings.

What gas fitting supplies do we sell online?

MP Moran's online selection of gas fittings encompasses a wide array of products designed to meet the diverse needs of plumbing professionals and DIY enthusiasts:

  • Copper Compression Reducing Coupler: Ideal for connecting pipes of different diameters, these couplers provide a secure and leak-proof seal, essential in gas systems.

  • Compression Coupler: These couplers offer a reliable solution for joining pipes securely, ensuring a stable gas flow.

  • Compression Reducing Coupler: Designed to connect pipes of varying sizes, these reducing couplers are key for custom gas line installations.

  • Compression Elbow: Perfect for changing the direction of your gas piping, these elbows maintain a secure and efficient gas flow.

  • Gas Flexible Coil Kit: Offering flexibility and ease of installation, these kits are ideal for complex layouts and hard-to-reach areas in gas systems.

Using gas fittings in your project

Gas fittings are essential in projects involving gas appliances, heating systems, or any installation requiring a gas supply. They are used when:

  • Connecting Gas Appliances: Ensuring a secure and leak-proof connection to gas cookers, heaters, and boilers.

  • Upgrading Heating Systems: Essential for installing or upgrading central heating systems, providing a safe gas supply.

  • Outdoor Gas Installations: Used in outdoor kitchens, barbecues, and heating systems, where durability and safety are paramount.

Gas fittings are more than just connectors; they are the backbone of a safe and efficient gas supply in any installation. With MP Moran's range, you have the assurance of quality and reliability for every project.

Browse gas fittings at one of our local MP Moran branches

Browsing our gas fittings products for sale online isn't everyone's cup of tea, and we get that. That's why we're delighted to have branches across London and Hertfordshire for customers to browse our stock in person.

Find your nearest branch and visit us. Our friendly team will be on hand, so whether you need help choosing a product or know what you want and just need us to point you in the right direction, we'll be happy to help.

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