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Showing 16 out of 458 Products

Metal Pipe Fittings

Discover a robust selection of iron and brass fittings at MP Moran, designed to meet the diverse needs of both domestic and commercial plumbing systems. Our range, crafted from high-quality materials, ensures durability and reliability for any plumbing project.

What metal pipe fittings do we sell online?

MP Moran's online inventory includes a wide array of iron and brass fittings, suitable for various applications. From standard elbows and tees to specialised connectors and unions, our collection caters to all your plumbing requirements with ease and efficiency.

  • Female Iron Elbow: Ideal for changing the direction of your piping, these elbows provide a reliable and secure connection.

  • Hexagonal Bush Male To Female: Perfect for connecting pipes of different sizes, ensuring a tight and leak-proof fit.

  • Iron Tee: Essential for branching pipes in different directions, these tees are robust and easy to install.

  • Straight Union Conical Seat Female: Designed for easy disconnection and reconnection, ideal for maintenance or system modifications.

  • Iron Flanged Plug: Provides a secure closure for the end of a pipe, ensuring a strong seal.

Using metal pipe fittings in your project

Iron and brass fittings are indispensable for ensuring a strong, leak-proof plumbing system. They are selected for a range of projects, including:

  • Renovation and Repair: Ideal for both new installations and repair work in older buildings, where durability and compatibility with existing systems are crucial.

  • Commercial and Residential Plumbing: Suitable for a range of applications, from small domestic repairs to large-scale commercial installations.

  • Custom Plumbing Solutions: With various sizes and types available, these fittings are perfect for creating customised plumbing solutions.

Their versatility and durability make them a top choice for plumbers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Browse metal pipe fittings at one of our local MP Moran branches

We recognise that not everyone prefers to shop online for iron and brass fittings. That's precisely why we're pleased to offer in-person shopping experiences at our branches across London and Hertfordshire.

Locate your nearest branch and drop by for a visit. Our team is always ready to assist you, whether you're seeking guidance in selecting the right product or you already have your choice in mind and just need a quick steer. We're here to make your shopping experience as helpful and enjoyable as possible.

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