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MP Moran is a reliable provider of quality chipboard, offering a versatile and practical solution for a variety of construction and joinery projects. Our range of chipboards is designed to meet diverse functional and aesthetic needs, ensuring that your project benefits from materials that are both durable and visually appealing. Whether you're working on flooring, cabinetry, or any other application where chipboard is required, our selection offers the perfect blend of quality and performance.

What chipboard do we sell online?

Our online range of chipboard products at MP Moran includes a variety of options to cater to different project needs. Here's a detailed look at some of the products we offer:

  • Melamine Faced Chipboard: Available in 11 items, this chipboard is ideal for applications requiring a durable and attractive finish, such as cabinetry and shelving.

  • T&G Chipboard: We offer 4 items of Tongue & Grooved Chipboard, perfect for flooring applications due to its ease of installation and stable interlocking design.

  • Moisture Resistant Chipboard: Available in both 18mm and 22mm thicknesses, these chipboards are designed for areas where moisture resistance is crucial, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • White Faced Melamine Chipboard: With 11 items available, this chipboard is perfect for creating a clean and modern look in various applications.

How to use chipboard in your project

Understanding when and where to use chipboard is key to maximising its benefits in your project:

  • Cabinetry and Shelving: Chipboard provides a stable and smooth surface, making it ideal for crafting durable and aesthetically pleasing cabinetry and shelving units.

  • Flooring Underlay: As a cost-effective and stable base, chipboard is excellent for laying beneath various types of flooring, ensuring a level and supportive foundation.

  • Moisture-Prone Areas: Our moisture-resistant chipboard options are specifically designed for environments like kitchens and bathrooms, where resistance to dampness is a priority.

  • Furniture Construction: The robustness and durability of chipboard make it a preferred material for constructing strong and long-lasting furniture pieces.

Using the appropriate chipboard in your construction not only ensures durability and functionality but also significantly enhances the overall quality of your work.

Browse chipboard at one of our local MP Moran branches

Explore the ideal chipboard solutions for your project with MP Moran. Browse our extensive range online and place your order with confidence, or visit your nearest MP Moran branch. We are committed to providing top-quality products and services, helping you enhance your project with the perfect chipboard solutions. Choose MP Moran for a shopping experience that combines quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction.

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