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MP Moran hold a large stock of OSB (Orientated Strand Board) at their branches in the London and Hertfordshire area, making them perfect for any domestic or commercial building project. Whether you are looking for one particular product or a range of sheet material for your building project, MP Moran has it all.

OSB is also called; Orientatd Strand Board, Flakeboard, Sterling Board and Aspenite.

A competitor sheet material to plywood, OSB is a manufactured board consisting of strands of wood that are bonded together in a 3 tiered arrangement. OSB does not delaminate in normal use and is incredibly strong, making it ideal for a number of construction applications. Most OSB is manufactured from spruce or pine with each strand being around 100mm long x 5 to 50mm wide. Different classes of OSB exist for is important to understand what type of OSB should be used for which application.

EN 300:
- OSB1: General purpose for interior use / dry conditions such as fitted furniture
- OSB2: Load bearing in dry consitions
- OSB3: Load bearing in humid conditions
- OSB4: Heavy duty and load bearing for use in humid conditions

What is OSB used for?
Because of the strength in OSB it is often used for load bearing applications, but can also be found in other applications such as;
OSB2: Dry conditions, furniture, packaging, top of pallets, garden sheds, boarding and fit outs.
OSB3: Roofing, sarking, flooring, site hoarding and sheathing, party walls, internal walls, partitions etc.

In structural applications it is important that the correct class of OSB is used. It should be noted that OSB3 and OSB4 although suitable for humid conditions are not waterproof.
Wetting of OSB (all grades) should be avoided, unless a waterproof barrier has been applied.

Benefits of OSB

- Physical strength due to its geometry
- No knotholes or areas of weakness
- Unlikely to delaminate
- Colour varies from light straw to medium brown
- Factory finishes are applied to give it a consistent finish and weather protection

Sustainable Benefits

- Not manufactured with tropical hardwoods
- The wood used is sourced from certified sources
- The wood used is selectively removed from fast growing trees
- No formaldehyde in the manufacurer process
- Can be made flame retardant (at manufacturing process)
- OSB3 used for wall sheathing can add to the thermal performance of framed walls

OSB Thickness Use Guide

Online we provide 11mm and 18mm although sizes are available

9 + 11mm: packaging, protective panelling, furniture 
12mm: water-vapour-inhibiting, airtight and reinforcing inner boarding in walls 
15mm: inner boarding of walls and roofs to comply with the fire protection requirements of DIN 4102-4 
18mm: loadbearing ceiling panels 
22mm: loadbearing, reinforcing ceiling and roof panels 
25mm: ceiling and roof panelling with widely spaced rafters and trusses and greater loads 
30mm: panelling for fire resistance of 30 minutes based on the burn rates defined in DIN EN 1995-1-2 
40mm: special applications involving heavily loaded constructions or enhanced fire protection requirements 

To speak with our experienced team about our OSB products in more detail, pop into one of our branches or call us on 01923 831 686.

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