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MP Moran is a popular builders merchant located in the London and Hertfordshire area. Our reputation is based around our aim to provide our customers with only quality products, with our dedicated team building strong relationships with the industry’s leading suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that this happens.

Our range of plywood is no exception to this ethos, with our plywood renowned in the area as being of high quality for exceptionally good prices. We take the time to price check on a regular basis our plywood products to ensure that you get the best product at the best price.

Our range of plywood includes;

- Structural Hardwood Core Plywood
- Shuttering Plywood
- Marine Plywood
- Birch Faced Plywood
- Poplar Core Plywood
- Tongue and Grooved Structural Plywood

If you would like to hear more about any of our sheet materials, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01923 831 686 or ask a member of our team in one of our branches.

Find out more about our Plywood.

Plywood is constructed with wood veneers glued, bonded and then compressed together, normally with the grains running at right angles to each other. This makes plywood strong but also versatile in construction, being used for structural, interior and exterior environments.

The key benefits of plywood are;
Stability - due to it laminated structure it is very strong.
Impact resistant - can normally take up to twice its intended load in the short term. This is again due to its laminated structure that evenly distributes the load.
Dimensional stability - The cross laminated layers in plywood keep it the plywood sheet very rigid under stress, such as with changes in temperature and moisture.
Strength - Although relatively light plywood is very strong making it ideal for structural projects; flooring, formwork and beams.
Resistant to chemicals - Plywood does not corrode and can therefore be used in chemical environments due to its durability.

Structural hardwood core plywood & Hardwood Core Plywood.
Structural plywood comes with a proof of strength performance provided by the supplier. These plywoods achieve BS5268 (or CE2+) for structural use in construction.
General plywood in comparison does not offer the structural validation.

Structural class guides for plywood.

Exterior use where exposed to the weather;
Structural EN 636-3 S
General EN 636-3 G

Humid Use - rarely exposed to the weather but possibly still some wetting
Structural EN 636-2 S
General EN 636-2 G

Dry use - Interior with no risk of wetting
Structural EN 636-1 S
General EN 636-1 G

Hardwood plywood is made from angiosperm trees which gives superb strength, stiffness and resistance to creep. With high strength and stability hardwood plywood is ideal for floor and walls and of course where a particular finish or colour is desired.

FSC Structural Hardwood
Structural hardwood plywood that is sourced with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, that it comes from a sustainable forest.

Shuttering Plywood
Shuttering plywood is generally used for concrete formwork, whereby the plywood has one good side which produces a clean or smooth finish.

Poplar Core Plywood
Poplar plywood offers superb moisture resistance, strength and durability. Poplar plywood is available for exterior and interior use. It is used for example in building furniture, doors and window frames, carpentry and oackaging. Due to its moisture resistance it can be used in humid areas. Poplar plywood is also lightweight so is found being used in shop and interior fitting, shipbuilding, bathroom furniture, even vehicle construction.

Tongue and Grooved Structural Plywood
Tongue and groove plywood is offers superb strength and rigidity whilst being light weight and easy to handle. In most building projects it is used for flooring.

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