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Wall Plugs

As a leading Builders & Plumbers Merchants, MP Moran is one of the leading providers of wall plug products.

Wall plugs are a common type of fixing which are primarily made of plastic. They are essential when attaching things such as shelving to your walls, as screws aren't able to remain secure in masonry and may damge your walls if used alone. Wall plugs are an insert used which allows the attachment of a screw in to a material such as masonry, that would otherwise not be able to support the weight of the object being attached. Wall plugs can be used on masonry walls, for example brick or stone, but they should not be used on plasterboards. To provide a strong hold for your attachments, many wall plugs also have anti rotation features ensuring that once the fixing is inserted into the wall there will be a firm hold, as any spinning that may occur is prevented. The role of a wall plug is to expand their grip to the sides of the hole when the screw is inserted. The screw will then be firmly held in place allowing you to safely add your attachments to the wall. When choosing which wall plugs to purchase, it is important to check the size of the wall plug in relation to the size of the screw that is being used and the size of the hole that is being drilled.

At MP Moran we offer a wide variety of wall plugs from brands such as Rawlplug, Plasplug and Fischer that come in a variety of sizes.

Shop for wall plug products online for delivery, click & collect at one of our stores, or give us a call on 0843 600 5566. If you are not able to find anything on our website, pop into one of our branches and our sales staff should be able to Special Order it in for you, or give us a call on 0843 600 5566.